Jen Persson
director, defenddigitalme

Jen Persson is director of defenddigitalme. Founded in 2017, defenddigitalme campaigns for safe, fair, and transparent use of 23million children’s school records in the National Pupil Database, and for digital and data privacy rights across the education sector in England.

She previously worked at an academic institute in the promotion of open knowledge and digital services. Prior to this, Jen worked in global and large-scale data projects, designing functional processes for local regulatory, security,  language and system user needs, and supporting change management and training. She strongly believes in making systems work better for people, not people work better for the system. She is passionate about the rights to privacy and free expression for children and young people in the fields of big data, emerging technologies in the Internet-of-Things and edTech, and the current drive towards ever more Internet regulation which threatens children’s rights to online participation.

In 2018 defenddigitalme published The State of Data 2018 Report: Lessons for Policy Makers. A review of children’s privacy and data protection in state education in England, with a view to the UK Data Protection Bill and General Data Protection Regulation.

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