Jan Bowman
artist; author, This is Birmingham: A Glimpse of the City's Secret Treasures

From Scotland via Canada, Jan is an architect-trained illustrator and author who uses her pictures to tell stories. She is inspired by humanity, democracy, gardening, cities, ancient Greek vase paintings and songs about 21st-century angst.

Jan’s first book, THIS IS BIRMINGHAM, a history of the 18th-century Lunar Society, spent nine months on Waterstone’s Recommended list and is awarded as a prize in Birmingham schools.

Jan is seeking a publisher for her second book, ARTHUR: the graphic memoir of a resourceful scout leader and bicycle mechanic who grew up in the shadow of World War II. She’s currently researching a history of Deptford and the English Civil War, told through the life of John Evelyn, gardener and friend of Samuel Pepys.


Saturday 2 November, 13:10 Frobisher 4-6
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