James Burkmar
workspace manager, Leicester Creative Businesses; ex head of performing arts, Arts Council of England

Self taught musician who grew up building guitars, drums & speakers, who ducked out of a career in micro paleontology to pursue dreams travelling, living in different places, making music – and raising a family.  After 15 years of that mix ended up setting up a youth led enterprise for Leicester College, worked unwisely for a time at Arts Council before moving firmly into the field of supporting enterprise as a creative sector business coach and project manager. Fulfilled contracts around the UK and a number of EU cities. Wound up leading a major strategic senior stakeholder partnership for Birmingham and finally realised that as a confirmed tactician he was better at simply running something.  Found a new home at LCB Depot and is busy repositioning the organization as an agency for the unsung heroes of this interesting but way too polite and modest city.

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