Jacob Reynolds
partnerships manager, Academy of Ideas; co-convenor, Living Freedom; organiser, Debating Matters

Jacob is partnerships manager at the Academy of Ideas. Previously, Jacob was a consultant at SHM, a strategy consultancy specialising in using insights into human motivation to help organisations solve complex human-centred problems. Prior to joining SHM as a consultant, Jacob read the BPhil in philosophy at St Cross College, Oxford, and developed a special interest in political philosophy and continental philosophy, especially the work of Hannah Arendt. For his undergraduate degree, Jacob read politics and philosophy at the University of Sheffield, where he was part of a group of friends who ran the Sheffield Salon, modelled on the Salons of Enlightenment Europe. Jacob has produced previous battle sessions on copyright, irony and misanthropy, and convenes Academy in One Day and Living Freedom, projects aimed at revitalising higher education around liberal, humanist and critical ideals. He spends his spare time drinking coffee and arguing about philosophy.

He tweets @jacobreynolds


Saturday 2 November, 10:00 Auditorium 1
Woke corporations: responsible capitalism or virtue signalling?

Saturday 2 November, 10:00 Cinema 1
Can we build solidarity in a fractured society?

Saturday 2 November, 12:00 Cinema 1
Who are ‘the people’?

Saturday 2 November, 14:00 Cinema 1
Who are ‘the establishment’?

Saturday 2 November, 16:00 Cinema 1
From Trump’s wall to policing culture: understanding borders today

Saturday 2 November, 17:30 Level G Studio
From self to selfie: Lasch’s Culture of Narcissism, 40 years on

Sunday 3 November, 10:00 Cinema 1
The rise of toxic politics: can we be civil?

Sunday 3 November, 10:00 Pit Theatre
From referendums to citizens’ assemblies: does democracy need a makeover?

Sunday 3 November, 12:00 Pit Theatre
Immigration after Brexit

Sunday 3 November, 12:00 Level G Studio
What can we learn from Ancient Greek democracy?

Sunday 3 November, 14:00 Pit Theatre
Brexit: a revolution by or against the establishment?

Sunday 3 November, 14:00 Cinema 1
The crisis of trust in institutions

Sunday 3 November, 14:00 Level G Studio
What can we learn from the English Civil War?

Sunday 3 November, 16:00 Pit Theatre
Schemers or Dreamers? The role of political advisers

Sunday 3 November, 16:00 Cinema 1
Extinction or progress? Visions of the future

Sunday 3 November, 16:00 Level G Studio
What can we learn from The Enlightenment?

Sunday 3 November, 17:30 Pit Theatre
After Brexit: the new political faultlines