Jacob Geuder
researcher in videoactivism, online video production and social media, University of Basel

Jacob Geuder is currently working on his PhD about videoactivism in Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town, in which he is examining the intersection of online video production and the right to the city. Looking at videos of street protests and police violence in both cities, the goal is to capture how social media insert themselves into specific urban spaces. How do the ‘streets’ and the ‘net’ merge into each other to produce a new amalgam of public spheres?

Having worked at the Centre for African Studies, Geuder taught courses such as African Digital Revolution or Digital Revolution in Africa? at the University of Basel. Previous to his PhD, he did research with the local artists collective KaYelema in Bamako and has been since long interested in perspectives emerging in the Global South. In his activities he moves between academic research, public art and activism.