Jack Dickens
writer; early modern history graduate; intern journalist, Reaction

Jack Dickens has recently finished his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Cambridge, completing an MPhil in Early Modern History in June 2019. While he eventually hopes to pursue a PhD, he has decided to take time out from graduate research to work in journalism. He is currently working as an intern at Reaction, the online news publication, for the next month.

Jack likes to range broadly across historical topics and themes. His research includes such subjects as the politics of time and liberty during the French and Haitian Revolutions, the ‘globalisation’ of knowledge between 1450-1760, and the controversial seventeenth-century philosopher, Pierre Bayle (1647-1706).

His passion, however, is writing about complex but important historical events for wide audience. To this end, he has recently written a short magazine article on judicial politics in ancient Athens and the US Republic. 

One theme which underpins his academic work is this: abstract principles have real human consequences. Words do not remain bound to the pages upon which they are written. Rather, they force people to think, to respond, and to act. They shape socio-economic, cultural, and political debates as much as they are influenced by them.

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