Ishani Milward-Bose
student, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Faversham; activist, School Strike for Climate; member, Green Party

Ishani Milward-Bose is currently studying sociology, government and politics and geography A levels at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Kent. She grew up in rural India, involved with non-profit education organisation Suchana Uttor Chandipur Community Society and is vocal and active about environmental issues particularly due to this experience. Ishani has participated in the School Strike for Climate movement and defends Britain’s youth’s right to mobilise and protest issues of their concern, particularly due to the turbulent political climate and changing forms of political participation. She is a member of the Green Party, enjoys debating and recently participated in the Kent Debating Matters competition.


Sunday 3 November, 17:30 Exhibition Hall 1
From youth councils to ‘School Strike’: are kids taking over politics?