Inderjeet Parmar
professor, international politics, City University of London; visiting professor, LSE; author, Presidents and Premiers at War (forthcoming); columnist, The Wire

Professor Inderjeet Parmar’s main research interests focus on the power of elites and elite networks in British and American politics and foreign affairs. Inderjeet is the author of several books, including Foundations of the American Century (2012/2015/2018), Barack Obama and the Myth of a Postracial America (2014) and The US in the Indo-Pacific: Obama’s legacies and Trump’s prospects (2020). He is currently writing a (tentatively titled) book: Presidents and Premiers at War: race, elitism and empire in Anglo-American wars from Korea to the Wars on Terror.

Inderjeet is a columnist for The Wire on US politics and foreign policy; and a regular commentator on US national politics and foreign affairs on CNN, CNBC, RT, BBC and Sky, as well as TalkRadio.

He is a past president of the British International Studies Association; and a fellow of the Academy of Social Science. He is currently a visiting professor at LSE (2019-22) and a visiting research fellow at the Rothermere American Institute at Oxford University.

Follow Inderjeet on Twitter: @USEmpire


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