Ian Robertson
professor emeritus in psychology, Trinity College Dublin; co-director, Global Brain Health Institute; founding director, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience; author, The Stress Test

Ian Robertson is professor emeritus in psychology at Trinity College Dublin and was the founding director of Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. He is co-director of the Global Brain Health Institute.A trained clinical psychologist as well as a neuroscientist, he is widely known internationally for his research on neuropsychology, having been elected a fellow of the American Psychological Society and a member of the Academia Europaea.

His popular writing has included five books aimed at the general reader: Mind Sculpture (2000), The Mind’s Eye (2003), Stay Sharp (2005), The Winner Effect (2012) and The Stress Test (2016), all of which have been widely translated. He has been featured on several major television documentaries by BBC, most recently one on Vladimir Putin and is invited to speak at major futurology and business conferences in Europe, USA and Asia.  In 2020 he will be a visiting fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Toulouse, researching the role of confidence at the interface of psychology, economics and politics.

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Nature, nurture, neither or both? What neuroscience can and cannot tell us