Hans Wansink
op-ed editor and commentator, De Volkskrant

Hans Wansink is op-ed editor and commentator of Dutch daily De Volkskrant (comparable to the Guardian). In January he published his latest book, De populistische revolutie (‘The Populist revolution’). In 2004, Wansink obtained his PhD in social and behavioral sciences from the University of Amsterdam with thesis on Pim Fortuyn’s legacy. It was published in book form as De erfenis van Fortuyn (Fortuyn’s legacy). Wansink received the Anne Vondeling Prize for Political Journalism in 2006. Other books he published include De kiezer heeft altijd gelijk: tijd voor change in Den Haag (‘The voter is always right: Time for change in The Hague’, 2010) and Het land van Beatrix (‘The country of Beatrix’, 2014), a history of contemporary Holland.