Gayle McPherson
professor of events and cultural policy, University of the West of Scotland

Professor Gayle McPherson holds a chair in events and cultural policy within the School of Media, Culture and Society at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). Her research interests revolve around the interventions of the local and national state and wider agencies in events and festivity of all types and the social and cultural impacts of large-scale events on communities. She is particularly interested in the contested role of events in leveraging social change. She has just completed a project for the British Council on the role of the arts and culture in soft-power change and is currently acting as the legacy and evaluation advisor to the Paisley 2021 UK City of Culture Bid team. She teaches in the broad area of cultural sociology and, in particular, the role of events and culture in cultural diplomacy as a soft-power initiative between nations and states. She is a member of European Cultural Parliament and also teaches at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin.

She has published widely in the events, culture and festivals area, including two recent books: Digital Leisure Cultures, Routledge (2016) and Music Entrepreneurship, Bloomsbury (2015). She is a reviewer for many journals and acts as a college panel review member for the AHRC.