Fred Cummins
associate professor, University College Dublin; author, The Ground from Which We Speak

Fred Cummins is an associate professor at University College Dublin with degrees in linguistics, computer science and cognitive science. His work has used insights and models from across many disciplines to address the origin of the human lifeworld, and the role of speech and the body in that.

Empirically, he studies chanting, or those diverse occasions when many people say the same words at the same time. This opens the door to the study of ritual, education, and the enactment of identity in many ways, and leads him (at least) to think rather differently about language and bodies than the orthodox stories that inform everyday discussion of such matters. Fred runs a cognitive science programme in UCD which tries to give masters students a broad and interdisciplinary sensitivity as they inquire into highly diverse aspects of human living.

He is the author of The Ground from Which We Speak: joint speech and the collective subject (2018).

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Nature, nurture, neither or both? What neuroscience can and cannot tell us