Fenella Barber
founder, Bao Advisory; former adviser, China-Britain Business Council

Fenella Barber has worked with China for over 20 years. From a time with no cars, no mobile phones and little to buy, she has watched the extraordinary transformation of China. International and curious in outlook, Fenella has lived and worked in Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing and New York in that order, as well as on a container ship crossing the Pacific. Working for WPP for an agency of the Economist Group, a festival to build understanding of China in the UK, and the China-Britain Business Council, setting up as an independent consultant in 2017. There is still very little understanding of China in the UK. She encourages curiosity and wants a better exchange of ideas, understanding and trade between China and the UK.


Saturday 2 November, 14:00 Auditorium 2
Hong Kong: understanding the protests