Dr Zoe Strimpel
historian, University of Sussex; columnist, Sunday Telegraph; author, The Man Diet: one woman’s quest to end bad romance

Dr Zoe Strimpel is a historian of gender, feminism and dating in modern Britain, as well as a flagship columnist for the Sunday Telegraph where she writes about the politics and dynamics of contemporary sex, courtship, fertility, femininity, identity and anti-Semitism.

She is the author of two books about dating and relationships, What the Hell Is He Thinking? All the Questions You Ever Asked About Men Answered (Penguin, 2010) and The Man Diet: One Woman’s Quest To End Bad Romance (Harper Collins, 2012). She is now writing an academic monograph based on her PhD research on the birth of ‘the single’ and the explosion in singles’ services in 1970s, 80s and 90s Britain. By way of a day job, Zoe is a research fellow on a major project based at the British Library, where she is examining feminist publishing enterprises through the lens of Spare Rib (1972-1993), the iconic/infamous women’s liberation magazine.

Follow Zoe on Twitter: @zstrimpel


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