Dr Terri Murray
director of studies, Hampstead Fine Arts College, London; writer; author, Studying Feminist Film Theory

Terri Murray is an author and educator. Her writing has been published in Philosophy Now magazine, AREO, The New Humanist, Quillette, News Intervention and sp!ked.

Murray is the author of Identity, Islam and the Twilight of Liberal Values (Cambridge Scholars, 2018) and Thinking Straight About Being Gay: why it matters if we’re born that way (AuthorHouse, 2015). Her book Studying Feminist Film Theory (Auteur/Columbia University Press, 2019) just rolled off the press.

Murray earned her BFA degree in film and television from New York University’s TISCH School of the Arts. Her book, Studying Feminist Film Theory, challenges some of the clichés of post-feminism as well as some of the orthodoxies of the ‘uses and gratifications’ model of media effects theory.

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Saturday 2 November, 14:00 Cinema 2
Representation: cinema’s new culture war?