Dr Sarah Cheang
senior tutor, History of Design, Royal College of Art; co-editor, Hair: Styling, Culture and Fashion; author, Sinophilia (forthcoming) on role of Chinese material culture within histories of Western fashion

Sarah Cheang is senior tutor in the history of design at the Royal College of Art, London. Her research centres on transnational fashion, material culture and the body from the nineteenth century to the present day, on which she has published widely. Her work is characterized by a concern with the experience and expression of ethnicity through fashion and body adornment. She co-edited the collection Hair: Styling, Culture and Fashion (2008), writing on hair and race, as well as reflecting more generally on the meanings of hair within a wide range of cultures. Fascinated by states of in-between and the creative potential of metamorphosis and misunderstanding, she recently led the research project Fashion and Translation: Britain, Japan, China, Korea (2014-15). Sarah has a special interest in the role of Chinese material culture within histories of Western fashion, and her next book, Sinophilia, will explore these themes in relation to dress, the body and interior design. She is also currently embarking on a new photographic project on hair, humanity and cycles of life and death.