Dr Nicholas Joseph
associate lecturer, College of Arts, Humanities and Education, University of Derby

Nicholas is a husband and the father of two young daughters (a three-year-old and an eighteen-month-old). He lectures in Education at the University of Derby, having taken a PhD in medieval European history and then taught in schools for a number of years. He has a developing research interest in the history of education, and in the relevance and application of ‘anachronous’ models to contemporary education. His experience of teaching in recent years leads him to the view that many young people are now profoundly cynical about the demographic slicing and dicing implicit in all forms of identity politics, and this in itself makes him optimistic about the future. His forthcoming book, History of Education, will be published by Routledge Education Studies Series in 2019.


Thursday 14 November, 19:00 Brunswick Inn, Derby, DE1 2RU
Is ‘toxic masculinity’ dangerous in the academy?