Dr Martin Coath
​scientist and ​science communicator; associate lecturer, School of Earth Sciences, Plymouth University

Dr Martin Coath is a ​scientist and ​science communicator who believes everyone should be involved in the wider debate about science, creativity, and culture. He has been developing and delivering educational events and ​science ​workshops for more than 25 years​. Although many ​of his projects ​are linked to his research interests ​(neuroscience, environmental studies, and music​)​, ​more often ​they are ​interdisciplinary and centred on the debate about what science can, and cannot, help us with and what it means to be a citizen of a technological society.
​He is currently developing approaches to primary school science for the British Council in France​, working as scientist in residence in a performing arts secondary school, teaching environmental science to undergraduates, delivering research skills workshops to PhD students and researching climate change on an EU funded project.
Martin has worked with Oxford University, the Science Museum, the Welcome Trust, and The Royal Institution. He is a ​Debating Matters judge, a ​Famelab finalist, twice winner of I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here!, associate lecturer in the School of Earth Sciences (Plymouth University) and consultant at the Arctic Centre (University of Lapland).