Dr Kevin Bean
lecturer, Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool

Dr Kevin Bean is lecturer in Irish Politics at the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool. His research interests include the development of Irish republicanism, contemporary forms of nationalism in Europe and social movement theory. His publications include The New Politics of Sinn Féin (2007).  ‘The Politics of Fear? Provisionalism, Loyalism and the “New Politics” of Northern Ireland’ in G. Spencer and J. McAuley (eds.), Ulster Loyalism after the Good Friday Agreement: History, Identity and Change (2011).   ‘Civil Society, the State and Conflict Transformation in the Nationalist Community’ in M. Power (ed.), Building Peace in Northern Ireland (2012).  ‘Leaving the sound bites at home: Tony Blair, New Labour and Northern Ireland 1993-2007’ in L. Marley  (ed.), The British Labour party and Twentieth-century Ireland (2015). ‘New Roads to the Rising: the Irish politics of commemoration since 1994’ in R. Grayson and F. McGarry (eds.), Remembering 1916, the Somme and the Politics of Memory in Ireland (2016). Kevin has written on Irish politics and the peace process in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and books as well contributing to radio and television discussions on these issues.


Saturday 13 October, 17:30 Pit Theatre
The new Irish border question