Dr Hans-Ulrich Grimm
editor, Dr. Watson Der Food Detektiv; author, Gummizoo macht Kinder froh - krank und dick dann sowieso

Grimm is Germany’s foremost journalist covering food-related topics. topics. He was born in the Allgäu and is a journalist in Stuttgart. He studied history, German and education in Heidelberg and was a journalist and editor of the news magazine Der Spiegel. He has been a freelance writer and book author since 1996. The total circulation of his books is more than one million copies. They have been translated into many languages. For his books, he researched worldwide such as in Europe, the USA, Japan, China, and the South Pacific. He inspected food factories and interviewed politicians, researchers and nutritionists, physicians and their patients. He is searching for good food, with dedicated farmers, good gardeners, and talented chefs.