Dr Graeme Archer
writer; professional statistician; winner, 2011 Orwell Prize for blogging

Graeme is a professional statistician with a side-line in writing about politics. He won the Orwell Prize for blogging back in 2011 and was a columnist at the Telegraph for four years. For a year after the 2015 general election, he was speech-writer for a cabinet minister. His work appears regularly on CapX and UnHerd.

He is a bog standard Conservative whose greatest dislike is of identity politics; he would write ‘as a gay man’ more often, if he weren’t allergic to sentences that begin ‘As a gay man…’

When it comes to knowledge, Graeme is a Bayesian, which means that he distrusts the notion that data alone can determine the veracity, let alone the utility, of a political theory. ‘Fact check’ websites have their own agendas, in other words, quite separate to their numerical tabulations.

Follow Graeme on Twitter @graemearcher


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