Dr Graeme Archer
writer & professional statistician; winner, 2011 Orwell Prize for blogging

Graeme is a professional statistician with a side-line in writing about politics. He won the Orwell Prize for blogging back in 2011 and was a columnist at the Telegraph for four years. His work appears regularly on CapX and ConservativeHome and in the last year he’s had pieces in the Telegraph and the Scottish Daily Mail too. For a year after the 2015 general election, he was speech-writer for a cabinet minister.

He is a bog standard Conservative whose greatest dislike is of identity politics; he would write “as a gay man” more often, if he weren’t allergic to sentences that begin “As a gay man…”

When it comes to knowledge, Graeme is a Bayesian, which means that he distrusts the notion that data alone can determine the veracity, let alone the utility, of a political theory. “Fact check” websites have their own agendas, in other words, quite separate to their numerical tabulations.

Follow Graeme on Twitter @graemearcher