Dr Carol Davis
palliative medicine consultant and clinical lead for end of life care, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Carol Davis trained at Bart’s in medical oncology before moving to The Royal Marsden Hospital as senior lecturer in palliative medicine. In 1995 she was lured away to start the Hospital Palliative Care Team at Southampton General Hospital and has worked in Southampton ever since in the hospice, community and, mainly, acute hospital. She is passionate about the need for a truly personalised approach to health care and aims to take and create opportunities every day to showcase that and teach others how ‘to find the person behind the patient in the bed’!

She has never supported what is being called ‘assisted dying’ from a societal or medical perspective. In 2018, she became actively involved in discussion and debate about the proposed legalisation of ‘assisted dying’ in the Channel Islands.

Carol staunchly advocates for palliative, care which she defines as helping people who are ill to live as well as they can and when they are dying helping them, through attention to detail and best possible symptom control, to die in comfort and with dignity She strongly believes that doctors should not be involved in giving lethal drugs to patients with which to end their lives.


Saturday 2 November, 16:00 Auditorium 2
Assisted dying: a doctor’s poisoned chalice?