Dr Alberto Giubilini
research fellow, Wellcome Centre for Ethics and the Humanities, University of Oxford; author, The Ethics of Vaccination

Alberto Giubilini is a philosopher and bioethicist at the University of Oxford. He is a research fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities and at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. He is currently working on the Oxford Martin Programme on Collective Responsibility for Infectious Disease. Before joining Oxford, he worked for several years in Australia at various universities. He has published on the ethics of vaccination, collective action problems related to antibiotic resistance, public-health policies, procreative choices, end of life decisions, organ donation, conscientious objection in healthcare, the concept of conscience, human enhancement, the ethics education of medical students, and the role of intuitions and of moral disgust in ethical arguments. His recent book is The Ethics of Vaccination (Palgrave MacMillan 2019)

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Sunday 3 November, 14:00 Pit Theatre
Health vs choice? The vaccination debate