Donald Clark
EdTech entrepreneur; CEO, WildFire; board member, Cogbooks and LearningPool

Donald Clark is an EdTech entrepreneur, CEO, professor, researcher, blogger and speaker. He was CEO and one of the original founders of Epic Group plc, which established itself as the leading company in the UK online learning market, floated on the Stock Market in 1996 and sold in 2005. As well as being the CEO of Wildfire, an AI-driven learning company, he also invests in, and advises, EdTech companies.

He is a board member of AI focussed companies Cogbooks and LearningPool. He is also a visiting professor and involved in research into AI in learning. He has worked in schools, vocational, higher, corporate and adult learning, delivering real projects to real learners.

Donald has over 30 years of experience in online learning, games, simulations, semantic, adaptive, chatbot, social media, mobile learning, virtual reality and AI projects. He has designed, delivered and advised on online learning for many global, public and private organisations. An award-winning speaker at national and international conferences, he has delivered keynotes in Europe. US, Africa, Australia, Middle and Far East.

Donald is also a regular blogger (10 years+) on learning technology, His series on learning theorists, as well as 500 researched, online design tips, are valuable open resources. His new book on AI for learning is in production.

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