David McKendrick
lecturer in social work, Glasgow Caledonian University

David trained in community work and in social work, and began his career in social work in 1990, spending 10 years as a basic grade worker in Castlemilk in Glasgow. In 2000, he moved to Lanarkshire, spending a further 10 years in a series of management posts, but grew increasingly convinced that social work was becoming more of a managerial activity – rather than a job aimed at working ‘with’ families, social work became a job for working ‘on’ families. His decision to leave practice was taken in 2010 and he joined the University then.

Since then, David has pursued research interests in two areas, these being in the role of the state with families and individuals, and the potential for social media to support change. He has written on moral panics, the Prevent agenda, the role of politics in social work, and on the potential for social media to contribute to a pedagogy of the oppressed.