Dave Sinardet
columnist; professor of political science, Free University of Brussels and Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles

Dave Sinardet is a professor of political science at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) as well as at the Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles.

His fields of expertise include nationalism, federalism, multilingual democracy and Belgian politics, subjects on which he has published in many scientific journals and books. His PhD dealt with the question of how a public sphere functions in a federal multilingual country such as Belgium. He also wrote on the European public sphere and the EU’s democratic deficit and follows the developments on Brexit closely.

Sinardet is also a columnist. Since 2007 he has consecutively had a column in Belgium’s five quality newspapers, both Dutch-speaking and French-speaking. He is also regularly consulted by international media on questions of nationalism and federalism as well as on developments in Belgium.



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