Martin Daubney
award-winning editor; journalist; broadcaster; co-founder of The Men & Boys Coalition

For eight years Martin was the longest-serving editor of Loaded magazine, then gave it up to be a stay-at-home dad.

Martin is now considered the go-to voice on masculinity and men’s issues in the British media. A columnist for Telegraph Men and a regular contributor to the Sunday Times, Martin is also a hugely experienced broadcaster. Having fronted Channel 4’s critically-acclaimed Porn On The Brain, he is also a regular (and outspoken) pundit on Sky News, ITV, Channel 5, and the BBC.

As co-founder of The Men & Boys Coalition – a collection of 50+ charities, organisations and individuals who care deeply about men and boys’ needs – he campaigns in Parliament to highlight and tackle issues where the needs of men and boys are unmet, such as boys’ educational under-attainment, men’s mental health requirements, the importance of fathers and the boom in male suicide.

Martin also visits schools where he has spoken with thousands of British teenagers on the potential dangers of online pornography and its role in sexual consent.


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