Danny Al-Khafaji
president, King's College London Libertarian Society; coordinator, Students for Liberty; director, Free to Speak

Growing up from a multicultural background of German and Iraqi heritage, Danny Al-Khafaji has been fascinated by the contesting of ideas and tackling political polarisation. Danny has sought to champion free speech at universities, and to reach this end by advocating for the rolling back of restrictions on free speech within universities, such as no-platforming and safe space policies.

He is the president of the Libertarian Society at King’s College London, where he has fought to facilitate debate and expose students to the ideas of liberty. His events have included a discussion with guest speakers that was violently disrupted by the ANTIFA group and went on to make national news.

Attempting to bridge the toxic divide and echo chamber environment on university campuses nationally, Danny is due to launch his nationwide university free speech campaign, Free to Speak. Through this, and his work at Students for Liberty, Danny aims to restore universities back to what he believes they ought to be: the bastions of the free exchange of ideas.

He tweets @DannyAlk99