Daniel Johns
head of public affairs, Anglian Water Services

Daniel Johns works for Anglian Water, the largest water company in England and Wales, providing clean drinking water and recycling wastewater safely back to the environment for six million customers in the east of England.

But as a monopoly provider of an essential public service, Anglian Water recognises it needs to do more than just supply and treat water. That is why we are working to increase the resilience of the east of England to drought and flooding, becoming a net zero carbon company by 2030, supporting sustainable housing growth, and working to improve the ecological quality of catchments across our region. And to lock-in these public interest goals for the long term, we have just changed our Articles of Association to create legally-binding duties on our directors to work in the best long-term interests of our customers and employees, and deliver positive outcomes for society and the environment. We’re now the biggest public interest company in the UK.

Daniel has worked on climate change and environment policy for 15 years, first at Defra and more recently at the Committee on Climate Change, where his team wrote the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment presented to Parliament in 2017.

Follow Daniel on Twitter: @DanielJ88


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