Daniel Dewsbury
series director and cameraman, BBC2’s critically acclaimed The Mighty Redcar

Daniel Dewsbury is a documentary director and cameraman based in London. He is originally from Seaforth, Liverpool and studied anthropology at Lancaster University.

He began his career in documentary over 10 years ago, working on a BBC traineeship working on critically acclaimed series such as Wonderland, Storyville and Louis Theroux.

Since then, Daniel has gone on to work with acclaimed documentary makers till finally getting his break on BAFTA nominated series The Detectives and Royal Television Society winning Hospital.

He completed his first job as a series director and cameraman working with BBC2 on The Mighty Redcar for 72 Films, an exploration through young voices of the inequality of opportunities which exist in some towns in the North East. The series has gone out to critical acclaim in September 2018 with the Guardian, Daily Mail, Radio Times and Independent giving it five stars.

Daniel is currently on a series for Channel 4 as a director examining the Ministry of Justice.

Follow Daniel on Twitter: @dandewsburyTV