Christa Blackmon
writer and educator; social-media strategist, The Square

Christa Blackmon is a human-rights writer and researcher with experience in public relations for creative ventures. She has contributed social media strategies, public relations research, and more to film projects like the Oscar nominated documentary The Square and Terry George’s turn of the century Armenian drama The Promise.

A native of Miami, Florida she attended American University’s School of International Service from 2005 to 2008, focusing on Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Middle East. Christa was formerly the senior editor of Palestine Note, a news and commentary website she managed in Washington DC. She completed her masters program in social anthropology with a specific focus on applications to media at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London . Her dissertation is, ‘Mediating Memory: oral histories of the Nakba online’, was awarded a distinction and she graduated with an overall grade of Merit.

Christa currently lives In London and works with international secondary school students as a tutor in the humanities. She also offers educational mentoring to students from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Christa blogs at Follow her on Twitter: @TheOdalisque


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