Bradley Tuck
contributing and general editor, Exploding Appendix

Bradley Tuck is a performer, writer, filmmaker and the editor of Exploding Appendix, an online platform that uses articles, videos, podcasts and other mediums to explore the interplay between culture and ideas. His work has explored issues in films (such as Mary Poppins, Dogville, Coonskin, Charlie Chaplin…), topical political and cultural issues, and the power of saying ‘fuck off’. Academically he has degrees in both theatre and philosophy, and traces of both can often be found throughout his work. In 2009 he was involved in founding One+One: Filmmakers Journal (now archived on the Exploding Appendix website). In 2015 he was involved in setting up Culture on the Offensive magazine, and in 2017 he founded Exploding Appendix.

Follow him on Twitter @probablybradley