Blythe Pepino
songwriter, Mesadorm; singer; founder, BirthStrike

Blythe Pepino is the front woman and songwriter for indie band Mesadorm and has been a performer all her life. Disillusioned with a brief stint in the pop music industry, she became increasingly politicised and critical of Western culture. Blythe worked in Calais with Help Refugees and ran the campaign Each Body’s Ready against the tube-based Protein World advertisements in 2016. This trajectory culminated in her signing up to arrest with Extinction Rebellion and running the rebellious Fire Choir for Sam Lee in 2018.

In 2019 Blythe created BirthStrike, a solidarity and campaign group for those feeling unable to have children due to oncoming ecological breakdown and government inaction and who use social media and the media to push for system change. The BirthStrike campaign has found success in using changing reproductive choices to get the topic of eco-breakdown and climate change into various mainstream media all over the world, including appearances on Fox News, CNN, CTV, ITV’s This Morning and Victoria Derbyshire. The group now consists of 450 international members and is a place of sharing and support as well as place to discuss and field conversations around population, racism and sexism related to birth.

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Sunday 3 November, 10:00 Pit Theatre
The battle over birth: should we stop having children?