Ben Cobley
author, The Tribe: the liberal-left and the system of diversity

Ben Cobley is author of The Tribe: the liberal-left and the system of diversity, which explores the power of identity politics in contemporary Britain and was published this summer by Imprint Academic. The historian Robert Tombs has praised The Tribe as ‘a wonderfully lucid and convincing book. spiked has called it ‘searing’, ‘daring’ and ‘pioneering’, while All in Britain has said it is ‘a must read for anyone who is trying to make sense of the issues and fault lines in UK politics today’.

Ben says he started to become fascinated by the power of identity politics after rejoining the Labour Party in 2010. Since then he has written more than 100 blog posts exploring this and other matters, including the meaning of democracy, rationality and the relationship between our expansionary economic system and the natural world. He is a journalist by trade, having spent more than 10 years mostly working for specialist publications covering the energy, finance and business sectors.

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