Barry Kushner
councillor, Liverpool City Council; author, Who Needs The Cuts

Barry has been the Councillor for Norris Green since 2012, and the Cabinet Member for Children’s services since 2016. In that time, Norris Green has transformed from an area of serious crime and housing dereliction, to 1700 new homes, new shops, refurbished parks and a network of support for those in hardship. As a Cabinet Member, Barry led a national campaign against venture capital owned foster care and residential care companies that exploit local Councils through high and increasing fees.

He has also co-authored ‘Who Needs The Cuts’, a definitive attack on the politics of austerity, that was shortlisted for a Bread and Roses literary award in 2014.

Over the past 30 years, Barry has worked with community and voluntary organisations across the city supporting their development of education, training, community facilities, and business development.

You can follow Barry @bazkush


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