Anne-Sophie Keller
journalist, izzy Magazine; author, Iris von Roten: Eine Frau kommt zu früh - noch immer?

Anne-Sophie Keller was born 1989 in Bern. She moved to Zurich in 2010 and has worked as a journalist ever since. Anne-Sophie has written for Friday Magazine, 20 Minuten, Weltwoche, Migros Magazin and Die Zeit.  In 2017 she published her first book, Iris von Roten: Eine Frau kommt zu früh – noch immer? about the Swiss feminist trailblazer and journalist Iris von Roten. The book was presented in June 2017 at Literaturhaus Zürich.

Anne-Sophie is also part of the feminist collective who became famous for their political activism in 2015. She has organised feminist workshops for universities and organisations like Amnesty International. She was the youngest nominee 2017 for ‘Gesellschaftsjournalistin des Jahres’ by the publication Schweizer Journalist. Anne-Sophie now does viral videos for izzy Magazine, Ringier’s new Swiss social magazine.

Follow Anne-Sophie on Twitter: @anneso_keller


Saturday 20 October, 13:30 University of Zurich, 71 Rämistrasse, 8006 Zürich
#METOO, one year on: where next for feminism?