Annabel Mullin
leadership team, new political party Renew; sitting magistrate, Central London Bench; former policer officer

Annabel Mullin has recently joined the leadership team of Renew, a new political party looking to bring balance and reboot a political spectrum riven with extremes and practices that are long overdue reform. Annabel co-founded and led Advance Together, a local political party in Kensington and Chelsea looking to improve representation in our democracy and nudging the local institutional parties to renew their internal systems and external policies. Annabel is also currently a sitting magistrate for the Central London Bench and in the appellate jurisdiction at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), Blackfriars Crown Court and Southwark Crown Court. Annabel is currently completing her ESRC Funded PhD at UCL using life course data to understand criminal propensity and how we might guide policy to reduce offending. Before this Annabel has worked in the NHS on secure wards with offenders with severe and enduring mental illness, designing and coordinating activities that would work towards rehabilitating and reintegrating offenders with mental illness back into the community. Prior to this Annabel was a police officer in Mayfair and Soho in the Met. Annabel has also spent some time working in financial services in the City of London.

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