Andrew Doyle
writer and comedian; author, Woke: A Guide to Social Justice

Andrew Doyle is a writer, comedian, and one of the UK’s foremost political satirists. He is the creator of internet sensation Titania McGrath, whose first book Woke: A Guide to Social Justice has recently been published by Constable. 

As a stand-up, Andrew has written and performed seven live shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, four of which transferred to the Soho Theatre in London. This year he toured the UK with Friendly Fire, a new stand-up show produced by Phil McIntyre Entertainments.

Up until January 2019, Andrew was the co-writer of spoof news reporter Jonathan Pie. He co-wrote numerous viral videos for Pie, a book (Jonathan Pie: Off the Record), two live UK tours, and two shows for BBC3. 

Andrew’s plays include Borderland (national tour for 7:84 Theatre Company, Scotland) and four dramas for BBC Radio 4: The Second Mr Bailey, Jimmy Murphy Makes Amends, Poster Girl, and Reacher’s Point.

Andrew’s musical theatre work includes adaptations of Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music (Rose Theatre, Kingston), Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio (Castle Theatre, Wellingborough), and three shows for the Lyric Theatre in Belfast: Tony Macaulay’s Paperboy, Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, and Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.

Andrew is a columnist for Spiked magazine and regularly appears on Sky News to review the papers. 

Follow Andrew on Twitter: @andrewdoyle_com


Tuesday 8 October, 19:30 Backyard Comedy Club, 231 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 0EL
Comedy Unleashed

Sunday 3 November, 10:00 Garden Room
Wake up and get woke with Titania McGrath

Sunday 3 November, 12:00 Conservatory
Social media activism: democracy in action or tyranny of the mob?

Sunday 3 November, 14:00 Frobisher 1-3
Can we deplore the artist but love the art?

Tuesday 12 November, 19:30 Backyard Comedy Club, 231 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 0EL
Comedy Unleashed