Professor Anand Menon
director, UK in a Changing Europe

Anand Menon is Director of the Economic and Social Research Council Initiative the UK in a Changing Europe ( and Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs and Kings College London. He has held positions at a number of universities, including Sciences Po, Columbia University and NYU. He is co-author of Brexit and British Politics (Polity, 2017) and author of Europe: The State of the Union (Atlantic Books, 2008). He is a frequent commentator on the media and has appeared on Question Time and most major news programmes. He has written for the Financial Times, Prospect, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and Le Monde. He has also written and presented a number of radio documentaries on contemporary politics. He is a member of the Council of the European Council on Foreign Relations and an associate fellow of Chatham House.

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Sunday 3 November, 14:00 Auditorium 2
Brexit: a revolution by or against the establishment?

Sunday 3 November, 17:30 Auditorium 2
After Brexit: the new political faultlines