Alp Mehmet
chairman, Migration Watch UK

Alp came to Britain from Cyprus in 1956 aged eight speaking no English. He was educated at Parmiter’s Grammar School in London’s east end and Bristol Polytechnic. An Immigration Officer from 1970 and Entry Clearance Officer at the British High Commission in Lagos from 1979 until 1983 when he transferred to the FCO, serving in: Romania, Germany and Iceland (twice). He retired in 2008 after four years as HM Ambassador to Iceland; the first, first generation, immigrant from a Muslim family, to be so appointed.

He has been chairman of Migration Watch UK since July 2019, succeeding Lord Green of Deddington who founded MW in 2001 as an independent, non-political research organisation making the facts on immigration known as widely as possible. They are a leading voice on migration, campaigning for lower immigration. Their proposals on the impact of mass immigration and how to reduce it are consistently supported by some 30 million adults in the UK. Their forecasts and projections on immigration levels and the impact on population growth over the past 16/17 years have proved remarkably accurate.

Alp is also chairman of governors of Parmiter’s School and a trustee of the school’s Foundation. Parmiter’s is now an academy in Hertfordshire. He was also on the board of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Association until May 2019, when he stepped down on completion of his second four-year term. Since leaving the FCO, he has sat on the boards of various charities and been involved in a variety of fund-raising projects. As a speaker and writer on migration, race and community affairs, he regularly appears on TV and radio.


Sunday 3 November, 12:00 Auditorium 2
What will happen to immigration after Brexit?