Dr Albena Azmanova
professor of political theory, University of Kent and Brussels School of International Studies; author, Capitalism on Edge

Dr Albena Azmanova is a scholar and public intellectual who has written extensively on the transformation of capitalism and the rise of new ideologies. A dissident under the old regime in her native Bulgaria, she became a critic of the post-1989 transition process. She was educated in Bulgaria, France and the US, and lives in Belgium. Dr Azmanova has worked as a policy advisor for a number of international organisations and has held academic positions at the New School for Social Research in New York, Harvard University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Sciences Po. Paris.

Dr Azmanova is the author of The Scandal of Reason: a critical theory of political judgment (2012) and of the forthcoming book, Capitalism on Edge: how fighting precarity can achieve radical change without crisis or utopia (2020).

Follow Dr Azmanova on Twitter: @AAzmanova


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