Alan Renwick
deputy director, Constitution Unit, University College London; former director, Citizens' Assembly on Brexit

Dr Alan Renwick is one of the UK’s foremost scholars of democratic reform. He focuses on how citizens can best be enabled to play the fullest part in democratic decision-making.

In 2017, he led the first UK-wide citizens’ assembly: the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit. He has since advised politicians, campaigners, and others on proposals for citizens’ assemblies in the UK and beyond. He has for many years looked at how to improve the conduct of referendums, culminating in a major report – Doing Democracy Better – published earlier this year. He has recently worked with bodies such as the Independent Commission on Referendums and the Council of Europe to encourage greater awareness and uptake of the best approaches.  He is also an expert on electoral systems, on which he has published books with both Oxford and Cambridge University Presses.

Dr Renwick is Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit and Associate Professor of British Politics in the Department of Political Science, University College London. He has been at UCL since 2015, having previously held posts at the Universities of Reading and Oxford.

Follow Alan on Twitter: @alanjrenwick


Sunday 3 November, 10:00 Pit Theatre
From referendums to citizens’ assemblies: does democracy need a makeover?