Akash Paun
senior fellow, Institute for Government; associate fellow, Centre on Constitutional Change, Edinburgh University

Akash Paun is a senior fellow of the Institute for Government, a Westminster-based think tank that works to improve the effectiveness of government across the UK. He leads the Institute’s work on devolution and the future of the union.

Akash has a broad interest in political and constitutional change in the UK and internationally, and has previously worked at the UCL Constitution Unit and the British Academy. He is also an associate fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change at Edinburgh University.

Akash is a regular contributor to public debate through contributions to parliamentary committees at Westminster, Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly, and through appearances on national and international broadcast media.

Follow Akash on Twitter: @AkashPaun 


Saturday 2 November, 10:00 Exhibition Hall 1
What is the future of the Union?