Agnieszka Kolek
artist; curator, Passion for Freedom London Art Festival

Agnieszka Kolek is the curator and co-founder of the Passion for Freedom London Art Festival. By supporting artists who are forbidden to exhibit their art, Agnieszka exposes the silencing of many and challenges the comfortable position of those who inhibit ‘safe spaces’.

In February 2015, following the terror attack at Krudttønden, Copenhagen, Agnieszka continued the Lars Vilks’ committee meeting despite being fired at. ‘They don’t only want to kill us; they also want us to stop talking. So, we should continue’, she said before starting the meeting after more than 200 bullets were fired at the scene.

In recognition of their commitment to protect freedom of speech and expression, the Passion for Freedom Group was awarded the Freedom Award at the Danish Parliament in February 2016. Agnieszka was awarded the title of Polish Woman of the Year 2013 in the United Kingdom. The following year, she was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit from the president of the Republic of Poland.

Follow Agnieszka on Twitter: @InesKaP4F


Saturday 2 November, 13:10 Frobisher 4-6
What makes good political art?