TRIGGERnometry LIVE with Andrew Adonis

Sunday 3 November, 10:0011:30, Cinema 3Podcasts live

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Lord Andrew Adonis’s transformation from one of New Labour’s big thinkers on education and infrastructure into an anti-Brexit firebrand shows just how much the Brexit referendum of 2016 has turned politics, and political careers, upside down. In this special live edition of TRIGGERnometry, comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster will give Adonis a light-hearted grilling with serious intent – to shed light on the recent past, turbulent present and possible future of British politics.

Lord Adonis is perhaps harder to pigeonhole than many of his anti-Brexit colleagues. In the first place, his career-long passion for updating Britain’s creaking transport infrastructure is shared by many Brexit voters, especially in many so-called ‘left behind towns’ that voted to Leave. Moreover, his position on education now sticks out amongst the Labour Party. Indeed his support for turning state comprehensives into academies has been praised by Michael Gove, now a leading Brexiteer.

Today, HS2 – a project still planned along Adonis’s original lines – is frequently the subject of controversy as its budget has expanded, with concerns that it is sucking investment away from much-needed regional rail upgrades. What will become of Adonis’ signature infrastructure policy? What’s more, after years of relentless education reform, many question whether the relentless churn has really addressed the core problems in the system. And with Brexit – the issue Adonis is now mostly closely associated with – anything still seems possible, although few would deny the successes of the Adonis-backed People’s Vote campaign.

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