‘Power to the People’: the art of thinking about PROTEST

Sunday 14 October, 13:1013:50, Frobisher 4-6Festival Attractions

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1968 was a seminal moment in terms of civil unrest. Fifty years on, do we take for granted change happened because of people willing to protest the injustices of society? But how does this square with democracy? Isn’t democracy about convincing society to change, rather than simply protesting where society has done wrong? And what about different forms of protest? Are some more effective than others?

Focusing on the theme of PROTEST, join us for an informal, sociable and thought-provoking talk and audience conversation. Led by philosopher Dr Greg Scorzo and punctuated with music and clips with visuals by Lizzie Soden, this session is designed to untangle your thought processes and challenge and develop your personal worldview.

It will certainly test your intuitions, to see which type of protest (if any) you find most compelling.