Film Premiere: Women: a success story

Sunday 14 October, 13:3015:30, Cinema 3Culture wars


We have witnessed a revolution and lived to tell the tale. WORLDwrite’s liberating new film documents the great advances of the past 100 years and celebrates women as equals in the West today. Confronting contemporary myths and prejudices that suggest the world is awash with predators, misogyny and discrimination, over 50 real women give us a fresh perspective, tell us we have nothing to fear and can do anything.

From across the generations, they share their life stories, what they overcame and what’s changed. Interwoven with original archive footage, we learn of women in the cotton mills, life during the war, the 1984 miners’ strike, from outdoor loos, terry nappies and illegal abortions to pre-marital sex, freedom and making it in what was once a man’s world. Inspired by Joanna Williams’ book, Women versus Feminism, the film proves women have indeed made it and made it happen. This film urges us to revel in our progress and do it with men not against them.