Brexit on stage: can we only be friends with people like us?

Saturday 13 October, 16:0017:15, Frobisher 1-3Arts and culture


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‘In safe space, no one can hear you scream…’ How far would you go to save your closest friendships from being washed away by the tide of history? This is the question that confronts the characters in a new play, People Like Us, by Julie Burchill and Jane Robins. The play centres on five members of a London book group – pompous lothario Ralph, judgmental minx Stacey, self-righteous coquette Clemence, thirsty straight-shooter Frances and rosy-spectacled scapegoat Will – who must ask themselves where their loyalties lie when the fight for the future of Europe becomes a domestic battleground of secrets and lies as the personal and the political, the sexual and the sectarian, clash and implode.

In the two years since the UK voted for sovereignty, endless Parliamentary horse-trading has all but eradicated the visceral excitement of ‘Freedom Day’. What remains is the violent sundering that has cleaved husband from wife, brother from sister, parent from child – and friend from friend. People Like Us examines the true cost of daring to pop one’s own social bubble and ask the question – can we only ever really be friends with like-minded people?

In this session, the writers of the play discuss what prompted People Like Us, assess its description of today’s fractured society, discuss theatre as a venue for debating politics and ask why so many in the arts seem not to ‘get’ why people voted Brexit.

By Julie Burchill and Jane Robins
Union Theatre
2nd – 20th October 2018
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