Book launch: Reading Rousseau’s Emile

Saturday 13 October, 13:1013:50, Level G StudioHot off the press

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Emile, or On Education has long been an inspiration for the idea of child-centred learning. Using the novelistic device of Emile and his tutor, Rousseau seeks to describe a system of education for how an ideal citizen might be educated in a corrupt society.

A new book, Reading Rousseau’s Emile, reflects the discussion and debate that took place when a group of teachers decided to sidestep the educational blogosphere of tips, techniques and buzzwords and actually engage with a great educational text. Marking a new intellectual direction in UK teacher education, the book reflects what happens when passionate teachers meet to drive themselves forward through the power of reading and discussing a great book that is no longer central to teacher training programmes – yet whose themes, even if based on an imaginary child, resonate through the contemporary classroom.

As David Perks, principal of East London Science School, states in his foreword to the book: ‘Ours is not an ideal abstracted out of reality. We are creating pupils who can inhabit the world and shape it in their own image. We do not need to invent Emile to do this. We are already doing it.’

We warmly welcome you to the official launch of the book and invite you to join us in reading and rethinking Rousseau.