Balloon debate: What’s the greatest-ever innovation?

Saturday 2 November, 17:3018:45, Free StageFestival Attractions

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This year, the Battle of Ideas Balloon Debate tackles the world’s greatest innovation.

Six participants, will present their argument for the ‘Most Important Invention Ever’. It is a lighthearted debate, but with a serious intent. Audience participation encourages you to agree, disagree, challenge, assess… and dismiss those arguments and inventions that you find unworthy.

The panel will have a few minutes only to convince you of their choice – from the motor car to binary numbers, from the light bulb to the Large Hadron Collider, from paper to the Playstation.

The discussion allows just three minutes for each panellist’s defence before you, the audience, takes them to task. You can challenge or reinforce their choice. You then have the democratic votes to slough off those who don’t make the grade.

This is the next best thing to inventing something useful yourself. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to determine the greatest invention ever. Come along and make history.